The world is getting more digital.

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is here to help. Since 2002, we've been helping businesses thrive in a world that is more digital & mobile every day.
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We specialize in web-based technology transformations that give our clients an edge.

Whether you need to upgrade your eCommerce, build a mobile app, SaaS product, or best-in-class website, our strategists, designers and technologists can help you fully articulate & execute your vision.



Our rigorous design process ensures happy customers one user experience at a time.

Our strategists, designers, copywriters and multimedia creators work together to find the content solutions your customers want and execute them in ways that make them compelling, on-brand & effective.

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Digital Services

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Web Design & Development

Our process-driven approach to web design and development is engineered to help your organization quickly strategize, prioritize, and execute digital experiences that matter to customers.

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Custom Software & Apps

Non-software companies with great ideas on how to digitize their services or solutions, or solve a business challenge through custom software often need help turning their vision into reality. That's where we come in.

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ECommerce & PIM

Our technology studio specializes in PIM, DAM, MDM implementations and eCommerce transformations leveraging the power of Pimcore -- the world's most flexible and powerful unified digital platform.

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Kiosks & In-Store Experiences

Customer experience and user experience intersect at the in-store Kiosk. Whether it's an in-room directory at a four star hotel, or a food-ordering system for a cafe, these projects demand excellence in user interface design and execution -- that's what we do.

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Sales & Pricing Tools

What are the challenges and friction points slowing down your sales team or agents in the call center? Too often the sales organization is the last to benefit from digital transformations -- ask yourself what happens if you turn that equation around?

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UX Optimization

There's a big gap between usability and great user experience. Our user experience team can help you push beyond interfaces that simply work to best-in-class experiences that increase affinity, encourage sales and encourage customer loyalty.

Strategy + Execution

No other vendor delivers the depth of strategy that Lightning Jar does.


David Heard

CMO, SecureLogix

Pimcore Expertise

Lightning Jar gave us a single source of truth for marketing data via Pimcore.


Liz Sterret

Sr. Manager Marketing & Content

Beam Suntory

Sales Tools, PIM, eCommerce, Mobile Apps

Their technology team was my secret weapon ...they helped me execute big ideas.


Frank Roth

Former CMO, UnitedRentals / BlueLine

Marketing Strategy & Brand Strategy

LJ helped us focus and clarify our brand vision during exponential growth.

Elizabeth G

Elizabeth Grojean

CEO & Founder, Baloo Living

SaaS / Remote Solutions

They helped us speed to launch with our flagship remote SaaS solution.


Duane Varan

CEO & Founder, Media Science / Hark

In-Store Experience / Kiosks / Tablet Apps

Our in-store app project was foundering... until LJ saved the day .


Mubashir Memon

Senior Product Manager, Northgate Markets / Prospera

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Every client has unique challenges to solve.

Doing what we do, we get to meet a lot of different people from very different industries. Each day we get to learn something new, think about something we've never considered before. There's true pleasure for us in confronting and solving novel problems.

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Beam Suntory

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Beam Suntory found a single source of truth for marketing data with Pimcore.

construction worker

BlueLine rental transforms customer experience and product data management with the power of Pimcore.

Elizabeth Grojean, Founder Baloo Living

We helped Baloo Living founder Elizabeth Grojean find her brand voice and refine her brand strategy.

couple renovating house

BuildDirect automates product data and creates a supplier-side portal for manufacturers.

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