What is Pimcore?

An Introduction to Pimcore

A podcast episode in which Kevin & Jim discuss Pimcore.

Let's Talk Pimcore

Pimcore expert Jim Wagner and Lightning Jar CEO Kevin Peckham discuss the ins and outs of Pimcore -- the open source Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM,) Content Management (CMS), and eCommerce platform for enterprises.

This episode answers the questions:

  • What is Pimcore?
  • Is it right for my Company?
  • How do I get started?
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"Pimcore says: here are the things that you need to do it your way."

Episode Info

  • TitleAn Introduction to Pimcore
  • Date4.22.2018
  • Length00:41:03

Episode Notes

  • 01:20
    History of the need for Product Information Management
  • 02:36
    Origination and the philosophy of Pimcore
  • 03:25
    Definition of (DAM) Digital Asset Management
  • 04:18
    Definition of (CMS) Content Management
  • 05:00
    Who should be interested in Pimcore
  • 06:30
    Why Pimcore isn't a turnkey solution
  • 07:30
    The value of a unified data approach
  • 10:30
    Why it makes a lot of sense to have an integrated PIM, DAM, CMS solution
  • 11:40
    API distribution of data from Pimcore
  • 13:10
    Why should companies consider Pimcore?
  • 14:20
    What are the advantages of open source?
  • 15:50
    Centralized code control for Pimcore releases
  • 16:48
    History and duration of Pimcore project + releases
  • 17:14
    Workflow management with Pimcore
  • 18:47
    Localization and multi-language support
  • 20:00
    Why companies are unhappy with current solutions
  • 20:33
    This first Pimcore project in the United States
  • 21:35
    How Lightning Jar discovered Pimcore
  • 24:24
    How eCommerce is an iceberg (in terms of complexity)
  • 25:00
    How well Pimcore integrates with other systems
  • 26:00
    Product data architecture as a common pain point
  • 28:43
    How to get started with Pimcore
  • 30:14
    Getting started, the next steps after installation
  • 31:16
    Typical scenario for new Pimcore user, seeking guidance and advanced help
  • 32:20
    Why Pimcore is exciting for data architects and system architects
  • 33:10
    What content managers say about Pimcore
  • 34:02
    Why designers like Pimcore
  • 35:19
    Getting support for a Pimcore project
  • 35:45
    What to look for in a Pimcore partner
  • 39:30
    How to learn more about Pimcore
Product Information Management (PIM)
Product Information Management (PIM) functionality centralizes and harmonizes all your marketing, sales and technical product information. It can acquire, manage and share any type of digital data and is designed for easy integration into existing IT system landscapes.
Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Digital Asset Management (DAM) functionality centralizes all your media assets, including images, graphics, documents, videos, and other media content. Pimcore's DAM places digital asset management at the core of digital experience management. It can integrate, consolidate, and manage any type and any amount of digital assets.
Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Consolidate master data across complex, heterogeneous system landscapes with MDM (Master Data Management). It enables you to manage all aspects of any master record, including hierarchy, structure, validation, versioning, and enrichment with attributes, descriptions, translations, documentation, and other related data.
Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Manage, deliver, and optimize personalized, contextualized digital experiences for every audience on every touchpoint. Enjoy the freedom of choice between a purely GraphQL-API-based headless content delivery approach and a decoupled web content management strategy. Or go hybrid to benefit from the best of both worlds with our modular DXP/CMS system.

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